Primary Guide - Dracut

Atlas Academy, Dracut MA
Children's House (3-6 years)


Atlas Academy is seeking a Montessori Primary Guide, with an independent and upbeat spirit, to join our culture of authentic scientific pedagogy. At Atlas Academy, we don’t “use” Montessori, we “do” it, by engaging in scientific pedagogy ourselves, through systematic observation and experimentation. Compensation: $40,000 to $50,000 per school year. Our vision is to build the highest quality school imaginable for children from birth to maturity. For each student, our vision is a straight path of healthy, natural development towards their full potential as a unique individual. Our pedagogical vision is to advance Maria Montessori’s method of Scientific Pedagogy.


AMI or AMS Montessori Training certificate from a MACTE approved training course MA EEC Preschool Teacher certificate. Attitude Independence - we look for guides who can think for themselves Curiosity - we look for guides who are curious to learn more about their students and about the Montessori Method Enthusiasm - we look for guides who get excited about their work, and it shows Love - we look for guides who love their work, love the Montessori Method, and love their students.


Natural Development: This is our term for the aim or purpose of education. We believe that human development is a natural process, but that does not mean that it is automatic and it does not mean that it is unerring. Scientific Pedagogy: This is the method by which we seek to help children to develop naturally. Maria Montessori called her method “scientific pedagogy”; it was others who coined it as the “Montessori Method”. The method consists of two parts: (1) observation and (2) experimentation. First, we observe the children within a prepared environment, and then we experiment by making changes to the environment–all with the aim of giving children what they need to develop.

Contact Information

Mike Gustafson Head of School 978.905.8165