MSM Heads of School Retreat

Heads of School Retreat

Based on feedback from our member survey, and our desire to help meet the needs of member schools, MSM will be hosting a two-day retreat for heads of school. Your financial investment is small considering the large number of opportunities that could be gained.

Leadership of schools in changing times is fraught with opportunities and challenges. Leaders are expected to manage competing interests, to create conditions which form the foundation for lifelong learning, to sustain the motivation and morale of staff and to raise achievement levels of all students. Leading a school is one of the most rewarding and the most challenging vocations in academia. It can also be one of the loneliest. A head of school engages every day with many constituents – students, parents, board members, donors, faculty, staff, and community members – but it is difficult to find a colleague or two who understands the role, who can truly offer a listening ear, and who can offer a helpful, unbiased response. Finding a peer group that can offer support and suggestions in a safe environment is essential to thriving in the role.

Would you like to spend a couple of days talking with peers about admissions, marketing, budgeting, legal issues, or board relations? Would you look forward to trying out a few ideas with people that understand your job? Would you welcome the chance to learn from others who are engaged in the same efforts? This is your chance!

Retreat Information 2020

Information about the retreat will be available here when available.

Conference Schedule

First Day
9:15 = Registration opens
10:00 = Welcome
10:15 = Workshop
12:00 = Lunch
1:30 = Workshop
3:30 = Break
5:00 = Cocktail hour
6:00 = Dinner
7:30 = After dinner activity

Second Day
8:00 = Breakfast
9:00 = Workshop
10:00 = Break
10:30 = Workshop
12:00 = Lunch