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Here is what you shared with MSM to help us create a vision for the future.

Dear MSM Members and Fellow Montessorians,

As you likely know, the Montessori Schools of MA is in the process of developing a new 5 year Strategic Plan in order to set the best course forward for our schools and organization in the upcoming years. In January we asked for your input into that process in the form of a survey. We requested input from teachers, non-head administrators, and Heads of Schools for the purpose of informing our board conversations by including as many voices and perspective as possible as we plan for the future.

I am writing this letter to thank those of you who responded to the survey (18 Heads of Schools, 17 administrators, and 57 teachers); to share a brief summary of the survey results; and to update you on our process and progress.

Please click here to access the survey results that has been compiled by the Strategy Innovation Group, our strategic visioning facilitators. As a reminder, we have created the platform to keep you informed about our ongoing process and to periodically gain your input.

The MSM Board met for a full day retreat on February 1. Something that struck us as we reflected on the survey results was the high degree of resonance between the strategic frontiers that board members had identified, and the dreams and aspirations shared by many of you. The surveys expressed enthusiastic appreciation for the annual conference, for the advocacy efforts that MSM has undertaken, as well as encouragement to continue to identify and amplify high fidelity Montessori education in the state and region. Surveys also included many very helpful suggestions for improvement and/or expansion of services and resources.

During a packed and inspiring day on February 1, the board reviewed, discussed, and analyzed membership survey results, then we continued with our work of envisioning and crafting short- and longer-term goals for the organization.

We plan to meet again on March 28; in the interim we are continuing our planning work in small groups. We will keep you apprised of both process and products of our work as we move forward. Again, many thanks for your ongoing interest and support, and particular thanks to those who participated in the survey.

Kind regards,
Martha Torrence, M.Ed.
MSM Board President

Montessori Teachers Gather at Dean College for Annual Conference: 2019

Over 600 Montessori teachers and administrators from across the region gathered at Dean College in Franklin for the annual conference of MSM, Montessori Schools of Massachusetts on the first Saturday of the month. The conference provides an annual opportunity for Montessori professionals to connect with colleagues, keep up with new approaches to learning and teaching, and feel the strength of the Montessori movement in public and independent schools.

This year's conference featured a broad range of professional development workshops for teachers and administrators. These included "Positive Discipline: Promoting Pro-Social Behavior," "Technology, Social Media and Parenting," and "Cell Biology, Mitosis, and Stop-Motion Animation" among the 28 offerings.

Keynote speaker for this year's conference was Dr. Angeline Lillard, professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, who has been studying Montessori's methods for more than two decades. In her best-selling book Montessori: The Science behind the Genius, articles, educational DVD, and speaking engagements, it is clear that Dr. Lillard is an expert on Montessori's theoretical principles, the science research that has followed them, and how they are implemented in a Montessori classroom.

Montessori education has received recent national attention as a 21st Century approach to learning. Creative problem-solving, independence, and social/emotional skills have always been the bedrock of Montessori education, together with specially trained teachers and carefully prepared classroom environments. Educators, as well as employers of Montessori graduates, have seen how this approach has big benefits for students.

There are over 120 Montessori Schools in Massachusetts. For more information visit

MSM 2018 Annual Conference Press Release

Montessori Conference Draws over 500 to Dean College

Saturday, January 6 more than 500 teachers and administrators from Montessori schools throughout Massachusetts and New England met at Dean College in Franklin for the annual conference of the Montessori Schools of Massachusetts (MSM).

Seen by many as the template for 21st Century Education, the Montessori approach encourages and builds in children independence, creativity, autonomy and peaceful resolution of conflict. Keynote speaker Sandra Girlato, emphasized the essential role observation plays in Montessori classrooms. At its core, a Montessori classroom assumes what is now called differentiated or personalized learning; observations of children as they learn from classroom materials and each other guides teachers on what each child needs. Ms. Girlato is Primary Director of Training at the Foundation for Montessori Education in Toronto, Canada.

The teachers and administrators who attended, most of whom are trained in Montessori education, chose from 28 morning and afternoon workshops. Among these workshops were "Scaffolding and Differentiating STEM," "The Heart's Path: Social Emotional Curriculum," and "Creating an Inclusive Classroom."

There are over 120 Montessori Schools in Massachusetts. For more information visit